30 Day Profit Plan with Elke Clarke 3 Month Payment (Course Opens Sept 2017)

A Step-by-Step Online Advanced Video Course on How to Make Money on Zazzle with a payment plan of $332.33 for 3 months. Course opens September 5, 2017. Offer ends July 7, 2017 at midnight EST.


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Zazzle Store Critique by Elke Clarke

If you wish to purchase a Store Critique in addition to the Advanced Zazzle Course, it is a one time payment in full option. You may choose when you want the critique done, now or up to 15 days after the end date of your Advanced Course VIP Masterclass Session. PRODUCT = Store Critique = A MINIMUM of 30 minutes of Elke Clarke's time ( 15 minute store review and 15 minute minute email write-up) to review your Zazzle store(s) and provide 3 key action items for you to implement. Price is $197.00 USD

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Then 2 Payments of $
Scheduled 28 Days Apart


100% Positive Customer Feedback for Elke's Beginners Zazzle Course. Her Advanced Zazzle Course is Even Better!!!

Hey New Designers, Elke has a wonderful class! If you want to break in, she gives you a great knowledge base to be a successful designer in our marketplace! Give it a shot! from sbclarke (Zazzle empolyee)

7 Days to Success - A Beginner's Zazzle Course was worth every single cent. Yes, you might know the basics, but she shares little tips that you probably missed and will make a HUGE difference. Totally glad I spent the money. from Gift Shop Online

After being overwhelmed by the choices here, I now feel like I can make better decisions about choosing a niche and the products I put in it. Looking forward to more from you. from NellieQ

Elke...Thank you for your wonderful and generous help! You have given me new hope and I actually have a real systematic daily approach to doing business because of your course. Prior to going through your course, it was all hit or miss with me, not really knowing if I was doing the right things or not. Now I have a direction and a plan that I am so excited about. You have been not only a great inspiration to me, but an incredible teacher as well. Thank you so very much. from Juli

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