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Be mentored and coached by Elke Clarke as she takes you step-by-step through her formula for success on Zazzle in her video course and provides you support with her ongoing VIP Masterclass Program


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Zazzle Store Critique by Elke Clarke

Other course members found the Store Critique to be a valuable addition to their Advanced Zazzle Course purchase because it helped them get specific action steps for their store to help meet their earnings goal. You may choose when you want the critique done. PRODUCT = Store Critique = A MINIMUM of 30 minutes of Elke Clarke's time ( 15 minute store review and 15 minute minute email write-up) to review your Zazzle store(s) and provide 3 key action steps for you to implement. Price is $197.00 USD

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100% Positive Customer Feedback

Hey New Designers, Elke has a wonderful class! If you want to break in, she gives you a great knowledge base to be a successful designer in our marketplace! Give it a shot!....from S. Clarke (Zazzle employee)

I believe that both courses are an incredible value, perhaps even a bargain. I really can't praise them enough....Diane Barstow....Author Graphic Artist, brand new to Zazzle

I am so blown away by the Advanced Zazzle Course! When I got to the end of the last video in Module 4 there was a little tear in my eye. I didn't want it to end! I had learned so much!.....Debi Payne.... Artist, Zazzle ProDesigner since 2010

I’ve been on Zazzle almost two years and was lost and overwhelmed. I had total earnings of $8.05 and was stuck there. I just threw up products that had no consistent theme, no rhyme, no reason, no nothin’…. that is, until I took Elke’s courses. I’m on much better footing now with Zazzle and how to tackle it than I ever was before .… thanks to Elke’s wonderful courses!....Robert Wahl....Author, Illustrator, on Zazzle since 2015

This is a wonderful Private VIP Masterclass Facebook Group for continued education, development and growth. This supportive community is a benefit to everyone's development as we continue on our road to success on Zazzle....Art Inspired, Zazzle Silver ProDesigner

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