30 Day Profit Plan with Elke Clarke

Be mentored and coached by Elke Clarke as she takes you step-by-step through her formula for success on Zazzle in her video course and provides you support with her ongoing VIP Masterclass Program


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Hey New Designers, Elke has a wonderful class! If you want to break in, she gives you a great knowledge base to be a successful designer in our marketplace! Give it a shot!....from S. Clarke (Zazzle empolyee)

I believe that both courses are an incredible value, perhaps even a bargain. I really can't praise them enough....Diane Barstow....Author Graphic Artist, brand new to Zazzle

I am so blown away by the Advanced Zazzle Course! When I got to the end of the last video in Module 4 there was a little tear in my eye. I didn't want it to end! I had learned so much!.....Debi Payne.... Artist, Zazzle ProDesigner since 2010

I’ve been on Zazzle almost two years and was lost and overwhelmed. I had total earnings of $8.05 and was stuck there. I just threw up products that had no consistent theme, no rhyme, no reason, no nothin’…. that is, until I took Elke’s courses. I’m on much better footing now with Zazzle and how to tackle it than I ever was before .… thanks to Elke’s wonderful courses!....Robert Wahl....Author, Illustrator, on Zazzle since 2015

This is a wonderful Private VIP Masterclass Facebook Group for continued education, development and growth. This supportive community is a benefit to everyone's development as we continue on our road to success on Zazzle....Art Inspired, Zazzle Silver ProDesigner

As a test, I started a new store using Elke’s 30 Day Profit Plan Course. I am working 20 hours a week on it as she suggests. In 9 months, I have made over $5,000. It’s easy. I just follow the step by step plan in the course.

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